Committed to the Cause of Promoting the Italian Language and Culture



Anthony Cassano President

Salvatore Bramante VP Administration

Carmine Guarino VP Cultural Affairs

Rocco Scenna VP Building & Grounds

Francesco Fragasso Treasurer

Luciana Burdi Secretary

Board of Directors

Philip Celeste 2019

Chiara Durazzini 2019

Angelo Firenze 2018

Joseph Giangregorio 2018

Benito Petrillo 2018

Giovanni Saraceni 2019

Franco Scala 2019

Alessandro Vianello 2019

Frank Vitiello 2018


Maria Cristiano - Language Coordinator

Cecilia Mattii - Director of the PLIDA Program

Benedetta Rossi - Chair of the Education Committee


Mario Datodi - Office Manager

Mario Zanca - Building Manager


Lisa Micali - Coro Dante

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Anthony Cassano was born in the small town of Torre Le Nocelle in the Campania region of Italy. In 1961, at the age of 13, he emigrated to the United States with his family in search of the “American Dream”. Inheriting the strong work ethic of his parents, Anthony worked hard to become a success. Along with his wife Delia of 44 years, through hard work, dedication and sacrifice, they built a successful Construction and Real Estate Development Business.

With great pride for their Italian heritage, Anthony and his wife Delia raised their 3 children Ciriaco, Riccardo and Angela with a great appreciation of their Italian roots. They taught their children to speak Italian at a very young age and sent them to Italy each year to absorb the culture of their birth. Today, with delight, they continue to pass the traditions of their Italian heritage on to the next generation: their grandchildren. Anthony is also very passionate about sharing the richness of Italian culture with his community.
A natural born leader, Anthony has served several terms as President of the Kiwanis Club of Chelsea, as well as being recognized as Kiwanian of the year. Anthony has also been a long standing member of the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce. He has been a member of the Dante Alighieri Society since 2000 and has served on the Board of Directors since 2003. Anthony has embraced his new role as Dante Alighieri Society President with enthusiasm and he will work diligently to develop exciting new education and fundraising opportunities during his term. Utilizing his business leadership skills and passion for Italian culture, Anthony will dedicate himself to encourage growth and make lasting positive contributions to the Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts during his Presidency.